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Our Story

At wednesdayclean, we believe that when the environment around you is clean and organised you
have greater peace of mind. We are obsessed with #spreadingcleanliness to improve the quality of
your environment and physical and mental space.
Wednesdayclean believe using natural cleaning techniques and products is the most effective way to
achieve a bacteria, debris-free zone. We use a natural-base cleaning solution that is safe for us, you,
children, pets, and our environment.  We can also supply you with cleaning products and equipment if

A Little About Our Founder

First and foremost, Mirela dislikes mess and clutter, so if you are like-minded then wednesdayclean is
the perfect fit for you!
Mirela is a passionate advocate for a clean, organised environment and well-being. Mirela finds
creating a clean and organised space therapeutic and wants to offer the cleanest, most enjoyable
space for you. 
Mirela is a proud Mum, loves life and is honest and always striving for continuous improvement and
ensuring a premium service is delivered to all clients.
Mirela started independently in 2010 has rebranded to wednesdayclean in 2021, leading a passionate
team to meet your cleaning and organise and declutter needs and make you feel good in your home
or office space.

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Maggie ,Yarraville

We are family of six we work from home and study from home.

wednesdayclean is AMAZING we love how detailed, professional and quick wednesdayclean team are.

We highly recommend Mirela and her team at wednesdayclean 


Melanie, Port Melbourne

Thanks for being so kind and for also making our place feel so much nicer and sparklier!  

We love that wednesdayclean use all eco- natural base cleaning products. 

You’re doing an amazing job. 

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Peter , Lawyer

wednesdayclean is fabulous, trusted , on time, and they take good care of our home .

Great services.